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Course Content:

  • Disk Technology.
  • SCSI.
  • IP Storage
  • NAS.
  • Virtualization
  • Storage Management
  • Data Management
  • Continuity Management
  • Fiber Channels
  • Why Fibere Channel?
  • FC Theory fundamentals & Introduction
  • FC Layers & Related Components
  • FC Topologies, Terminology & Addressing
  • Expected FC Behavior
  • FC Theory fundamentals summary (HP EVA 4000/6000/8000)
  • HSV Controllers
    • Controller features and redundancy
    • Generation 2 controllers (HSV2x0)
    • Controller redundancy
    • Controller hardware
    • Operator Control Panel (OCP)
    • Configuring HSV2x0 controllers
    • Controller cabling
    • Generation 3 controllers (HSV300)
    • Controller hardware
    • Controller configuration
    • EVA4400 Management Module
    • Web-based OCP (WOCP)
    • Generation 4 controllers (HSV4x0)
    • Controller hardware
    • Summary of all controller features
  • Disk Drive Enclosures
    • Drive enclosure models and configurations
    • Generation 2 drive enclosures
    • Enclosure features
    • Environmental Monitoring Unit (EMU)
    • Customer self repair operations for the drive enclosure
    • Drive enclosure indicators and connections from front and rear views
    • EMU functions, LED status displays and display and pushbutton operations
    • Enclosure Address Bus EAB and Environmental Monitoring Unit EMU functions
    • Enclosure hardware
    • Supported disk drives
    • Status LEDs
    • Shelf identification
  • Command View EVA Introduction
    • Command View EVA overview
    • EVA Management Server requirements
    • Launching and running Command View EVA
    • Installation and configuration of Command View EVA versions 6.x – 9.x
    • Licensing of the various versions of command View
    • Firmware and management software for the EVA 4400
  • Local Replication (Business Copy)
    • Array-based data replication from Command View
    • Creating and using Snapshot, Snapclones and Mirrorclones
    • Container creation and operation
    • Traditional features, operation and properties (EMC CLARiiON CX3-10/20/40/80)
  • CLARiiON host integration and management
    • CLARiiON Security Management
    • Navisphere Manager 6.x architecture, including
    • how to locate objects within Navisphere Manager
    • how to create and manage storage objects and RAID objects using Navisphere Manager
    • Advanced LUN Management
    • Windows disk management, including
    • Windows host-attach requirements and procedures
    • How to install Navisphere agent on windows and Linux server
    • Windows and Linux host-attach requirements, procedures, and best practices
    • Configure Access Logix and define its features
    • Power Path and its CLARiiON-supported features
    • how to use the GUI and CLI to identify options
  • Snap view configuration and management
    • How Snap View makes snapshot copies of LUNs
    • Sizing and configuring the reserved LUN pool
    • How to configure, activate, and remove snapshots
    • How to start and stop Snap View sessions
    • How Snap View makes clones of LUNs
    • Where clones may be used
    • Compare and contrast clones and snapshots
    • Configuration and administration of clones
  • Mirror view and SAN copy configuration and management
    • Operations of the fracture and write intent logs
    • Mirror View connectivity options, including
    • how Mirror View and Snap View can be used together
    • EMC SAN Copy features and functions
    • How to create EMC SAN Copy sessions on a supported CLARiiON array
    • Using SAN copy Replication between EMC CLARiiON and HP EVA Storages
    • How to manage, troubleshoot and correct EMC SAN copy session
  • Brocade Silk Worm 200E
    • Describe Fiber channel concepts
    • Install, configure and/or verify functionality of switches in a Brocade fabric
    • Configure, verify, administer and describe Brocade Soft zoning, Hard zoning and Mixed zoning.
    • Create SAN design to meet customer performence, availability and scalbility requirements.
    • Determine host to validate the implementation of the SAN design
    • Describe when zoning changes are required.
  • Host connectivity with Windows/Linux environment
    • Install and configure HBA driver and describe HBA configuration parameters.
    • Install and configure multi-pathing software to failover and failback (windows)
    • Add new Fiber channel attached disk LUNs to a Linux system.
    • Configuring basic disk to dynamic disk for expanding virtual disk

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