Online Training 

You train from anywhere with an Internet connection. Lucidtechsystems instructors teach live students in a virtual classroom; you attend these online courses, in real-time. Includes demonstrations and hands-on-labs.
Our online training is offered in classic virtual class room ambience with audio – visual facility, to help live interactive communication between the trainer and the trainees breaking the distance barrier. The trainers are working professionals in the respective technologies and the lesson- plans are focused on imparting in depth of knowledge of technology and its practical usage. Every session of the training will begin with a review and recap of the essence of topics taught in the previous class and will end with summarization of the topics discussed in that session. Every session will have practical exercise to self evaluate the learning level of the subject taught.

You train online via an Internet connection, 24/7. Access streaming lectures, white boarding and lab activities, with the ability to search video, pause or rewind. These courses are recorded. Lucidtechsystems provides weekend and fast training programs.