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 During this three-day interactive training course attendees will perform system administration functions in their own instance; a safe sandbox.

In Module 1 attendees will start by learning about the ServiceNow platform user interface (ui) and configuration essentials, including key screen elements, mobile interfaces, plugins and branding. Next is working with lists, filters, and forms.

In Module 2 attendees will also add users, groups, and roles.

In Module 3 attendees will manage data with Tables, Import Sets, and the CMDB.

 In Module 4 attendees will work with five key elements of the Service Automation Platform:

  1. Populate Knowledge Bases
  2. Add items to the Service Catalog
  3. Modify and test Workflows and approvals
  4. Create Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  5. Create and run Reports

In Module 5 attendees will perform Core Application Administration:

  1. Work with Policies and Interactions
  2. Create and test Business Rules and Clients Scripts
  3. Configure and control Application Security
  4. Generate Alerts and Notifications

In Module 6 attendees will learn about various Ongoing Maintenance topics including working with Update Sets, viewing Upgrade History and Status, learn about performance and troubleshooting, then use the Social IT capabilities of a ServiceNow instance.

Attendees participate in real world, relevant lab exercises. The class features lecture and group discussions, as well as extensive hands-on practice, delivered in a wide variety of labs, tech talks and an interactive discussion of a comprehensive, real-world examples. The course ends with a robust look at Visual Task Boards which drive the independent Case Study

Who Should Attend This course is designed for new ServiceNow System Administrators – 0-3 months into a new deployment.


The ServiceNow Foundations eLearning course – six modules that introduce the ServiceNow platform and interface. The course uses role-based scenarios to show the workflow and interactivity of the platform. Industry terminology and practice using ServiceNow fundamental building blocks (applications and modules, tables, forms, lists, fields and exploration of key applications and functionality). Completing the online prerequisite allows attendees to immediately be successful in class since it provides a common vocabulary and standard practical experience with ServiceNow fundamental applications.

Other than completing the online Foundations modules, this course does not have any specific technical requirements such as JavaScript, C++ or any other programming language knowledge. This course is designed to cover the fundamentals, giving attendees the System Administration knowledge and skills they need to get the most out of their ServiceNow deployment.

ServiceNow Admin Training Three-Day Course Topic Outline

Module 1 ServiceNow User Interface Objectives:

Explore the UI, Application Navigator, Mobile Interface, Plugins, and Branding Options. Work with Lists, Filters, Forms, and Search Capabilities.

  1. UI Essentials Lab: Configure Navigation, UI, Search, and Branding options
  2. Configuration Essentials Lab: Manage and Configure Incident, Problem, and Change Lists, and Forms, then Create and Apply Filters

Module 2 User Administration


Configure User Accounts, Groups, and Roles

  1. User Administration Lab: Add Users, Add new Group Automatically Associated with New User Record, Assign Roles to a Group, Add Users to new Groups, Create and Test New Assignment Rule

Module 3 Data Management Objectives:

Discuss ServiceNow Data Structures: Databases, Tables, and Records, Work with Import Sets and Transform Maps, then add Configuration Items (CIs) to the CMDB

  1. Tables Lab: Create new Tables, Applications and Modules
  2. Import Sets Lab: Work with Import Sets and Transform Maps
  3. CMDB Lab: Add and Map Configuration Items (Cis)

Module 4 Service Automation Platform


Work with key ServiceNow Platform Applications and Functionality: Knowledge Management, Service Catalog, Workflows, SLAs, and Reporting Tools

  1. Knowledge Management Lab: Create and Attach Knowledge Base Articles
  2. Service Catalog Lab: Create Service Catalog Items, Variables, and Create a Service Catalog Order Guide 3. Workflows Lab: Modify and Test Workflow and Approvals
  3. SLAs Lab: Define an SLA for Catalog Requests
  4. Reports Lab: Explore the Reporting Application to review Report Types, work with Gauges and Homepages, and create a report from a list

Module 5 Core Application Administration


Work with UI Policies, Data Policies, UI Actions, Business Rules and Client Scripts, Configure Application Security, Work with Events and Notifications

  1. Policies and Interaction Lab: Work with UI Policies, Data Policies, UI Actions, Business Rules and Client Scripts
  2. Application Security Lab: Provide Application and Module Access for a specified role, Create an Access Control Rule to allow record Read Access, Create an Access Control Rule to restrict column Read Access
  3. Notifications Lab: Observe a Business Rule and Registry associated with a P1 Change Event, Create a Notification based upon a Business Rule, Configure and send an email notification, Create an SMS notification

Module 6 Ongoing Maintenance


Create and Apply Update Sets, Learn about the Upgrade Process and Release Cycle, Record Baseline Performance Statistics and Use Social IT Capabilities.

  1. Update Sets Lab: Create then Retrieve an Update Set
  2. Upgrades, Performance and Troubleshooting Lab: Confirm Release and Upgrade Status, Edit New Build Notifications, Review Baseline Statistics
  3. Social IT Lab: Configure Live Feed to Automatically Post High Priority Incidents

Capstone Case Study

In order to reinforce various topics presented throughout the ServiceNow Admin Training course, the final course component is a comprehensive Case Study delivered using a ServiceNow Platform Visual Task Board (VTB). The purpose of the Case Study is to provide attendees with a guided opportunity to recall and apply various skills learned.

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