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Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform and infrastructure for building, managing and deploying applications. It provides both PaaS and IaaS services and allows developers to build and deploy sites using various programming languages.  Create, scale and extend applications into the cloud using SQL Azure Database for data management integrates with advanced platforms like Hadoop. Microsoft’s Platform as a Service (PaaS) environment can be used to create scalable applications, encoding, content protection, streaming. Azure training helps students to learn how to configure Microsoft Azure Active Directory and deploy databases in Microsoft Azure.

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Microsoft Azure Training  Course Content


  • Introduction
  • Installing the SDK
  • Creating cloud solutions
  • Emulating the cloud
  • Azure architecture and tools
  • Windows Azure Roles


  • Publishing Azure Solutions
  • Introduction
  • Azure management portal
  • Configuring management certificate
  • Preparing to publish
  • Publishing from Visual Studio


  • Windows Azure AppFabric and Services
  • Introduction
  • Hosting services in web roles
  • Understanding AppFabric
  • Azure AppFabric SDK
  • Hosting Service Bus endpoints
  • Consuming Service Bus endpoints from Azure
  • Worker Roles
  • Understand difference between WebSites & WebRole


  • Working with Azure Storage & Queues
  • Introduction
  • Understanding the storage client API
  • Working with tables
  • Sending messages with queues
  • Working with blob storage


  • SQL Azure
  • Introduction/Overview
  • Comparing SQL Azure to SQL Server
  • SQL Azure Architecture
  • SQL Azure Security
  • Provisioning a database
  • Adding ASP.NET provider support
  • SQL Azure Scenarios
  • Deployment Architecture
  • Microsoft Tooling
  • Developing with SQL Azure
  • Using entity framework with SQL Azure
  • Connection Termination
  • Migrating Data to SQL Azure
  • Using the SQL Azure OData Service
  • SQL Azure and Business Intelligence


  • Caching
  • Windows Azure Caching Service Introduction
  • Development with the Windows Azure Caching Service
  • Cache Security
  • NET Support
  • Content Delivery Network


  • Windows Azure Access Control Service
  • Introduction to Identity
  • Windows Azure Access Control Service Fundamentals
  • Integrating the Windows Azure Access Control Service with ASP.NET
  • Windows Azure ACS/ADFS Integration


  • Service Bus
  • Azure Service Bus Basics
  • Windows Azure Service Bus Relay Service
  • Windows Azure Service Bus Queues and Topics


  • Hadoop Service
  • Media Services
  • Microsoft Media Platform
  • Build workflows for the creation
  • Management and distribution of media with windows azure Media Services


  • Windows Azure Diagnostics
  • Windows Azure Diagnostics Introduction
  • Windows Azure Diagnostics Integration with Enterprise Library Logging
  • Windows Azure Diagnostics Configuration Precedence
  • Capturing Windows Azure Diagnostics Data Buffers
  • Windows Azure Diagnostics Tips And Tricks

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