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Course Content:


Greenplum Module 1:

  • Get Started with What is Greenplum?, its architecture, Different mirrors in it and also about Failover, recovery in Greenplum.
  • Greenplum Architecture
  • About the Greenplum Master
  • About the Greenplum Interconnect
  • About Segment Mirroring in Greenplum
  • Segment Failover and Recovery in Greenplum
  • About Master Mirroring in Greenplum


Greenplum Module 2:

  • Understand Greenplum Distribution Policies, Distributed Database and Broadcast.
  • About Distributed Databases Greenplum
  • Understanding Greenplum Distribution Policies
  • Broadcast


Greenplum Module 3:

  • Understand Parallel Query Exceution, How to configure query plans and also How Query is been processed.
  • About Greenplum Query Processing
  • Understanding Query Planning and Dispatch in Greenplum
  • Understanding Greenplum Query Plans
  • Understanding Parallel Query Execution in Greenplum


Greenplum Module 4:

  • The essential security requirements for the Greenplum Database server falls into Authenication, Authorization, Auditing and Data Encryption. In this module you will learn to create users, assign privileges to them and also how data is been Encrypted in Greenplum.
  • Access control and Greenplum security
  • Managing Roles and Privileges in Greenplum
  • Security Best Practices for Roles and Privileges
  • Creating New Roles (Users) for Greenplum
  • Creating Groups (Role Membership) in Greenplum
  • Managing Object Privileges
  • Encrypting Data in Greenplum
  • Greenplum Time-based Authentication
  • Required Permissions for Greenplum
  • How to Add Time-based Constraints in Greenplum


Greenplum Module 5:

  • Learn how to allow connections, limit the connections in Greenplum and also how to configure Client Authentication.
  • Configuring Greenplum Client Authentication
  • Allowing Connections to Greenplum Database
  • Limiting Concurrent Connections in Greenplum


Greenplum Module 6:

  • This session of Greenplum will provides, how to establish the Database, Accessing the Database, troubleshooting the connection problems, and how to support for Client Applications.
  • Accessing the Greenplum Database
  • Establishing a Database Session
  • Supported Client Applications
  • Greenplum Database Client Applications
  • Greenplum Database Application Interfaces,
  • Third-Party Greenplum Client Tools
  • Troubleshooting Greenplum Connection Problems


Greenplum Module 7:

  • Learn how to Create views, tables, schemas, Tablespaces, objects, Sequences and also to learn how to manage them..
  • Defining Greenplum Database Objects
  • Creating and Managing Greenplum Databases
  • Creating and Managing Greenplum Tablespaces
  • Creating and Managing Schemas in Greenplum
  • Creating and Managing Tables in Greenplum
  • Choosing the Table Storage Model in Greenplum
  • Partitioning Large Tables
  • Creating and Using Sequences
  • Using Indexes in Greenplum Database
  • Creating and Managing Views in Greenplum


Greenplum Module 8:

  • Get an detail description on how to update, Delete, insert rows into Database and learn the query plan to manage the data..
  • Managing Data in Greenplum
  • About Concurrency & Isolation in Greenplum database
  • Inserting New Rows in Greenplum
  • Updating Existing Rows in Greenplum
  • Deleting Rows in Greenplum
  • Vacuuming the Greenplum Database


Greenplum Module 9:

  • By the end of this module you’ll know how to start and stop the database.
  • Starting and Stopping Greenplum
  • Overview
  • Starting Greenplum Database
  • Stopping Greenplum Database


Greenplum Module 10:

  • Understand how to load, unload the data with an example.
  • Loading and Unloading Data
  • Greenplum data loading options
  • Greenplum External tables
  • Example of loading data with External Tables and greenplum dist
  • green plum load


Greenplum Module 11:

  • Regular backups ensures that you can restore your data or rebuild your Greenplum Database system if data corruption or system failure occur or you can also use backups to migrate data from one Greenplum Database system to another.The topic describes Greenplum backup and restore features.
  • Backing Up and Restoring Greenplum Databases
  • Overview of Backup and Restore Greenplum Operations
  • Backing Up a Greenplum Database
  • Restoring From Parallel Backup Files
  • pg_dump


Greenplum Module 12:

  • Observing the Greenplum Database system day-to-day performance helps administrators understand the system behavior, plan workflow, and troubleshoot problems. This module discusses tools for monitoring database performance and activity.
  • Monitoring a Greenplum System
  • Monitoring Greenplum System State
  • Viewing the Greenplum Database Server Log Files


Greenplum Module 13:

  • The tasks discussed here are How to manage Log Files in Database, Maintenance of system and Routine analyze and Vaccum.
  • Routine System Maintenance Tasks
  • Routine Vacuum and Analyze
  • Routine Reindexing
  • Managing Greenplum Database Log Files


Greenplum Module 14:

  • Explains the troubleshooting processes for common performance issues and potential solutions to these issues. Solutions for the most common causes of performance problems in Greenplum Database will be discussed in this module of Greenplum Training.
  • Common Causes of Performance Issues
  • Identifying Hardware and Segment Failures
  • Managing Workload
  • Maintaining Database Statistics
  • Optimizing Data Distribution
  • Optimizing Your Database Design


Greenplum Module 15:

  • This section provides guidelines for identifying and troubleshooting performance problems in a Greenplum Database system.
  • Investigating a Performance Problem
  • Checking System State
  • Checking Database Activity
  • Troubleshooting Problem Queries
  • Investigating Error Messages

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