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About Course

“LucidTechSystems” IT is premier a technology and software training institute in Hyderabad and we are best trusted by experts for providing quality training with the best infrastructure and expert faculty. LucidTechSystems proudly offers a list of trending technologies and software application courses in which students can get trained by some of the finest faculty across the nation who are considered as well reputed industry experts. Aspirants who are aiming at securing a career in the ingenious Citrix XenServer technology can now get enrolled for our advanced & real-time industry based Citrix XenServer Training In Hyderabad & as well as Citrix XenServer Online Training.

LucidTechSystems Best Citrix XenServer Online Training & Citrix XenServer Corporate Training program will make the aspirants become complete industry ready professionals capable to handle all the real-time challenges in this profession. We are well known for delivering online and classroom based training in multiple disciplinary courses.
Citrix XenServer Training in Hyderabad by LucidTechSystems is a prominent career program which is delivered from the hands of real-time domain experts. We provide Citrix XenServer Corporate Training & LucidTechSystems Online Courses. We surely help the aspirants towards boosting their career graph in this ingenious technology.

Who Can Learn Citrix XenServer?
Best Citrix XenServer Training In Hyderabad by the “LucidTechSystems” is specially meant for aspirants who are very much keen at making a career in the disruptive & progressive Citrix XenServer technology. This course is also meant for
• Technology Professionals
• Software Specialists
• Market Professionals
• Job Aspirants
• Career Enthusiasts

Best Citrix XenServer Online Training through Online across India, like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Chennai, Vijayawada, Kerala and etc. LucidTechSystems providing corporate training worldwide depending on Company requirements with well experience real time experts

Course Objectives of Citrix XenServer Include
• Introduction to Citrix XenApp 6
• Understanding Citrix XenApp Architecture
• Installing and Configuring Citrix Licensing
• Installing Citrix XenApp 6
• Navigating Delivery Services Console
• Introduction to Citrix Policies
• Citrix Policies: In-Depth Look
• Publishing Applications and Content
• Streaming Applications
• Installing and Configuring Citrix Plug-Ins
• Securing XenApp
• XenApp Command Line Tools

Benefits To You
LucidTechSystems is a Best training center for Citrix XenServer Training given corporate trainings to different reputed companies. In Best Citrix XenServer Training all sessions are teaching with examples and with real time scenarios. We provide all recordings for classes, materials, sample resumes, and other important stuff. We are helping in real time how approach job market, Resume preparation, Interview point of preparation, how to solve problem in projects in job environment, information about job market etc. Citrix XenServer classroom Training in Hyderabad and online from anywhere

Our courses are carefully planned and are in accordance with the highly valued certification exams. By the time of course completion, our students will become industry ready Citrix XenServer professionals capable to handle all the real-world challenges of this domain. Master the Citrix XenServer concepts and become a Citrix XenServer expert by enrolling in our Citrix XenServer Course. Best Citrix XenServer Online Training through worldwide like India, USA, Japan, UK, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Sweden, South Africa, and etc. LucidTechSystems providing corporate training worldwide depending on Company requirements with well experience real time experts

LucidTechSystems gives an opportunity to work on real-time projects which would be guided by our real-time trainers. A technical back end team would always be available to answer your quires at any point of time and will also assist you to arrange your training process.

Course Content:
Course topics of Citrix XenServer Online Course
Lesson 1 – Getting Started with Citrix XenApp 6 Training
• About citrixxen app and uses

Lesson 2 – Lab Setup
• Workstation Lab Configuration
• Software Needed

Lesson 3 – The Course Scenario
• The Scenario
• Encom’s Current Environment
• EncomXenApp 6 Project Phases

Lesson 4 – Introduction to Citrix XenApp 6
• A Bit of Citrix History
• XenApp Evolution
• What is XenApp?
• Desktop Virtualization Types
• XenApp/Terminal Server
• Application Virtualization
• Operational Benefits
• Performance
• XenApp 6 Editions and Features

Lesson 5 – Understanding Citrix XenApp Architecture
• Independent Computing Architecture (ICA)
• Which Layer of the OSI Model?
• The ICA Packet
• Independent Management Architecture (IMA)
• XenApp Architectural Components
• Zones, Ports, Additional Components and Plugins

Lesson 6 – Installing and Configuring Citrix Licensing
• XenApp Licensing Requirements
• Acquiring Citrix Licenses
• Installing and Activating RDS License Server
• Installing and Configuring Citrix License Server
• Downloading and Installing the License File

Lesson 7 – Installing Citrix XenApp 6
• XenApp Server Role Manager
• Hardware and Software Requirements
• Other Requirements
• Sample Farm Configuration
• Database Server Hardware and Data Store Recommendations
• Installing and Configuring XenApp 6 from the GUI
• Installing XenApp 6 from Command Line

Lesson 8 – Navigating Delivery Services Console
• The Discovery Process
• Farm Management Components and Capabilities of the Delivery Services Console
• Single Sign-On, Configuration Tools, Alerts, Search and My Views

Lesson 9 – Delegated Administration and Configuration Logging
• Role-based Administrative Access
• Configuration Logging
• Adding Administrator Accounts
• Organizing Servers into Folders and Delegating Permissions
• Enabling Configuration Logging

Lesson 10 – Introduction to Citrix Policies
• Filtering Policies
• Citrix Policies and AD Policies
• Policy Processing and Priority
• Creating Worker Groups
• Creating Computer Policies
• Editing Policies
• Using the Citrix Group Policy Modeling Wizard
• Managing Citrix Policies with the Microsoft Group Policy Management Console
• Testing Our Policy Configuration with the Group Policy Modeling Wizard

Lesson 11 – Citrix Policies: In-Depth Look
• Policy Rules
• Citrix Computer Policies
• Citrix User Policies

Lesson 12 – Publishing Applications and Content
• Understanding Applications in RDS
• Published Resource Types
• User Account Access Types
• Server Installed Applications
• VM Hosted Applications
• Installing Applications on the XenApp Server
• Configuring a Run Script for Mid-Install Reboots
• Publishing Applications with XenApp
• Modifying Published Application Properties
• Configuring Content Redirection and File Types Handled By Published Applications
• Publishing Content with XenApp
• Publishing the Community Desktop with XenApp
• Administering Published Applications and Content with the Delivery Services Console

Lesson 13 – Streaming Applications
• Application Streaming Benefits and Features
• Streaming Applications Components
• Packaging Applications with the Citrix Streaming Profiler
• Publishing an Application Package
• Published Application Types
• Advanced Application Properties – Alternate Profiles and User Privileges

Lesson 14 – Installing and Configuring Citrix Plug-Ins
• The Plug-In Matrix
• Customizing the Online Plug-In
• Installing Citrix Plug-Ins from the Command-Line
• Installing the Online Plug-In from the Command-Line
• Configuring a XenApp Services Site
• Giving Users and Groups Access to Applications
• Customizing Published Application Delivery – Pushing Applications to the Client Desktop and Start Menu
• Installing the Offline Plug-In
• Configuring the Citrix Online Plug-In with Group Policy Objects

Lesson 15 – Configuring Web Interface
• Web Interface Communications Process
• Creating a XenApp Web Site
• Accessing the XenApp Web Site and Published Applications
• Installing the XenApp Plug-In from the Web Interface
• Managing Web Interface Client Detection and Deployment
• Advanced XenApp Web Site Configuration
• Customizing Your Web Interface Site

Lesson 16 – Working with Profile Manager
• Why Profile Management
• User Profile Types
• Citrix Profile Management and Profile Manager Components
• Configuring Citrix Profile Management with Active Directory and Group Policy
• Installing Profile Management Service Engine

Lesson 17 – Understanding and Configuring Load Management
• Understanding Load Evaluators
• Configuring the Default Load Evaluator
• Configuring the Advanced Load Evaluator
• Creating a Custom Load Evaluator
• Understanding Load Statistics
• Troubleshooting Load Management Policy Conflicts
• Configuring Load Balancing Policies

Lesson 18 – Configuring Printing
• How Windows Printing Works
• Common Printing Technology
• Types of Printers and Print Job Routing
• Installing and Replicating Print Drivers
• Printing Policies
• Mobile Users and Printing
• Installing and Managing Printers and Drivers with the Print Management Console
• Installing and Replicating Print Drivers with PowerShell
• Configuring Printing Policies
• Managing Client Printers with Citrix Policies
• Managing Drivers with Citrix Policies
• Configuring Universal Printing
• Managing Printing Bandwidth
• Configuring Proximity Printing and Smooth Roaming

Lesson 19 – Securing XenApp
• Different Methods of Securing XenApp
• Using SSL Relay, Secure Gateway and Double-Hop DMZ
• Enabling Secure ICA for Published Applications and Desktops
• Configuring SSL Relay
• Configuring Secure Gateway
• Configuring Web Interface to Communicate with Secure Gateway

Lesson 20 – Configuring NetScaler Access Gateway Enterprise Edition
• NetScaler Deployment Scenarios
• Firewall Considerations
• Terminology
• Licensing
• Self-Signed SSL Certificates
• Installation and Configuration Tasks
• Installing NetScaler VPX
• Configuring Networking
• Configuring Virtual Server Access Gateway
• Configuring NetScaler Licensing
• Configuring SSL Certificates for NetScaler
• Configuring Access Gateway Enterprise Edition (AGEE)
• Configuring Session Policies
• Configuring NetScaler for Mobile Devices
• Redirecting HTTP Traffic to HTTPS
• Configuring Web Interface to Work with AGEE

Lesson 21 – Advanced Farm Administration – Part 1Advanced Zones Topics
• CPU Management
• Resource Allotment Calculation
• Moving Servers Between Zones and Setting Election Preference
• Configuring Load Balancing Policies
• Configuring CPU Management Policies
• Allotting Server Resources with Application and Session Importance
• Optimizing Memory Resources
• Configuring Health Monitoring and Recovery Policies
• Setting Reboot Schedules and Behavior
• Configuring Hotfix Management
• Power and Capacity Management Administration

Lesson 22 – Advanced Farm Administration – Part 2
• Managing User Sessions
• ICA Listener Configuration
• Shadow Taskbar
• SpeedScreen Latency Reduction Manager

Lesson 23 – XenApp Command Line Tools
• XenApp Command Line Tools
• Query Command
• Using the XenApp Command Line Tools
• Using the Query Command

Lesson 24 – Troubleshooting XenApp 6Troubleshooting IMA Given a Scenario
• Troubleshooting Load Manager
• Troubleshooting Licensing Issues
• How Session States Can Negatively Affect a XA Server
• Using QFARM/LOAD to Troubleshoot Issues
• Troubleshooting Web Interface Issues
• Configuring Client Auto Detection on the Web Interface
• Troubleshooting XML Service on Web Interface
• Troubleshooting Citrix Services
• Troubleshooting Common Printing Issues

Practice & Interview Questions
LucidTechSystems offers advanced Citrix XenServer interview questions and answers along with Citrix XenServer resume samples. Take a free sample practice test before appearing in the certification to improve your chances of scoring high

LucidTechSystems strongly believes in the concept that practical knowledge along with theoretical can drive the best learning experience among the students, thereby we work towards developing the theoretical & practical skills among our students and guide them towards working on multiple real-time projects. We also help our students in preparing for interviews and resumes. We also provide soft copy and hard copy subject materials for your future references.

Upon successful completion of the course program of Citrix XenServer Online Training program from LucidTechSystems students can work towards availing a certification. This certification will act as a gateway for the rising career opportunities in this domain.