LucidTechSystems is an innovative Training and HR Consulting provider. We are industry experts providing Software Consulting, Training (HTD), and Digital Marketing with cost effective solutions to help businesses grow and expand.

We are living in times where speed is the name of the game and industry-readiness is the only acceptable normcore. Any delay is equal to denial, potentially causing loss in both dollar value and reputation. The existing Campus Recruitment process is ridden with time-consuming initiatives and excessive HR overheads.

With that in mind, our Ready-To-Deploy program is a validated Talent Hiring & Nurturing Program that provides industry-ready professionals with advanced skill sets and behavioral attributes.

Our training programs are relevant, timely & cost effective. Our expertise in this area ensures that users will be empowered with the right skill set in the least amount of time possible.

Our Approach

At LucidTechSystems, we understand that using trained experts, cutting-edge training programs or top-notch infrastructure will not suffice if they are used incoherently or in isolation. Therefore, we make sure that all cogs in the wheel work not only in unison, but also at the same time to deliver the best results.

  • Understanding the organization’s core business
  • Identifying opportunities and values for resources while defining competencies needed for specific positions
  • Forming a Recruitment Team in consultation with the client team
  • Carrying out a series of relevant assessments to identify quality candidates
  • Recommending shortlisted candidates to the Client’s HR team
  • Conducting top-quality training of recruited candidates to hand over Ready to deploy Industry professionals that are billable from day one