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Electronic Data Interchange which is in short referred to as EDI is the process of exchange of structured business data or a set of documents of files between the business partners in a standard electronic format. Most of the typical IT & corporate organizations carry out their data exchange process through EDI method. This has led to the rise in the demand for the skilled EDI professionals. Most of the organizations are ready to pay impressive packages for the best skilled EDI expert professionals.

Aspirants can now make the most out of the rising career opportunities in the EDI platform by simply opting for our LucidTechSystems Best EDI Online Training. We also provide the Best EDI Corporate Training to meet with the organizations skill gap issues & as well as classroom based Best EDI Training In Hyderabad in addition to our EDI Online Training sessions.

What Is EDI?
EDI can simply be interpreted as a computer-to-computer exchange of business documents in a standard electronic format between business partners. By making use of SAP system it sends EDI messages in IDoc format to an EDI subsystem & are then converted to a universal EDI standard. With the advent of EDI, all the business transactions which were so far being carried out from a paper-based exchange of business document have got converted into electronic.

The major benefits which the organizations can avail through EDI process are
• Reduced cost
• Increased processing speed
• Reduced errors
• Improved relationships with business partners

Best EDI Online Training which is delivered from the hands of qualified trainers at our LucidTechSystems will make the students become completely skilled professionals with the skills to handle all the industry challenges in this platform.

Who Can Take EDI Online Training?
All the career enthusiasts who are very keen towards making a career in this advanced Electronic Data Interchange platform can get enrolled for our institutes Best EDI Online Training. Also, working professionals can enroll for our EDI Corporate Training program to boost their industry relevant career skills in this domain.

The major set of targeted audience for our EDI Training program include
• Career Enthusiasts
• Business Managers
• Network Admins
• Software Professionals
• Degree Holders & Job Seekers
• End Users

What Are The Pre-Requisites For EDI Online Training?
Getting enrolled for EDI Online Training doesn’t require any particular pre-requisites. However, for a better retention of knowledge of the concepts that are explained during the training sessions having prior knowledge of the following concepts will be of great help.
• SAP ABAP Basics
• SAP Access
• Microsoft XL
• Microsoft PowerPoint
• Basic business knowledge

Course Content
EDI Online Training Course Content

Why do EDI
• EDI origin and history
• Difference between X12, EDIFACT and XML
• Basic components and technology needed to perform EDI
• Communications software, VAN’s and interconnects
• How EDI transactions are transmitted, received, translated/processed and tracked between trading partners
• Understanding standards manuals
• Understanding EDI trading partner implementation guides
• What is EDI data mapping

• File definitions
• Application data types (fixed length, delimited, named records, etc.)
• Application data vs. EDI data
• Map Editor and Mapping
• Data conversion
• Variables
• Conditional / logical expressions
• Common mapping hurdles
• Troubleshooting and debugging techniques
• Inbound 850 Map
• Administering Maps
• Outbound 810 Map
• Mapping Best Practices
• What is Business Process
• Discuss Business Process Modeling
• Understand how to create a business process using the Graphical Process Modeler

• Inbound Business Processes
• Viewing Business Process Result
• Outbound Business Processes
• What is Sterling B2B Integrator
• How to set up a trading partner
• Acknowledgements

• Discuss the basics of Sterling B2B Integrator
• Be Familiar with Sterling B2B Integrator User Interfaces
• Explain the Components of Sterling B2B Integrator
• Understand how to install the Graphical Process Modeler
• Understand how to execute and track a Business Process
• Explain how Sterling B2B Integrator uses BPML and Xpath
• Understand how to Configure Services
• Understand how to Install the Map Editor
• Introduction to Property Files
• Understanding data processing flows
• Reporting tools (ex. FA report)
• Logs and error reports
• Troubleshooting

• Getting started
• Business rules/Process flow
• Communications protocols – difference among and benefits of various protocols
• Mapping best practices
• Object Version Management
• Archiving
• Implementation

LucidTechSystems is a pioneer organization which is having a big name across the IT & corporate domain. Getting enrolled for the live instructor based EDI Online Training & as well as for our Best EDI Training In Hyderabad will make the students towards mastering knowledge of all the advanced modules EDI platform. Our expert trainers will make the students master their skills in concepts like EDI Business Process, Field Mapping Documents, handling IDOC interface (technical analysis, interface processing & error handling) and many other concepts.

Our live instructor led Best EDI Online Training & as well as EDI Corporate Training will make the aspirants complete career ready professionals by the time of their course completion. The certification which we deliver upon successfully completing the course will help you towards achieving the best career opportunities from the reputed organizations across various platforms.