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“LucidTechSystems” IT is premier a technology and software training institute in Hyderabad and we are best trusted by experts for providing quality training with the best infrastructure and expert faculty. LucidTechSystems proudly offers a list of trending technologies and software application courses in which students can get trained by some of the finest faculty across the nation who are considered as well reputed industry experts. Aspirants who are aiming at securing a career in the ingenious EMC SAN technology can now get enrolled for our advanced & real-time industry based EMC SAN Training In Hyderabad & as well as EMC SAN Online Training.

LucidTechSystems Best EMC SAN Online Training & EMC SAN Corporate Training program will make the aspirants become complete industry ready professionals capable to handle all the real-time challenges in this profession. We are well known for delivering online and classroom based training in multiple disciplinary courses.

EMC SAN Training in Hyderabad by LucidTechSystems is a prominent career program which is delivered from the hands of real-time domain experts. We provide EMC SAN Corporate Training & LucidTechSystems Online Courses. We surely help the aspirants towards boosting their career graph in this ingenious technology.

Who Can Learn EMC SAN?
Best EMC SAN Training In Hyderabad by the “LucidTechSystems” is specially meant for aspirants who are very much keen at making a career in the disruptive & progressive EMC SAN technology. This course is also meant for
• Technology Professionals
• Software Specialists
• Market Professionals
• Job Aspirants
• Career Enthusiasts

Best EMC SAN Online Training through Online across India, like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Chennai, Vijayawada, Kerala and etc. LucidTechSystems providing corporate training worldwide depending on Company requirements with well experience real time experts
Course Objectives of EMC SAN Include
• File Systems Configuration
• Clone Configuration
• VNX Block Local Replication
• Advanced Storage Concepts
• VMware Integration
• Windows Integration
• Unisphere Security Features
• Discussion on Raid Levels
• Discussion on Disk and Disk technologies
• Introduction of SAN

Benefits To You
LucidTechSystems is a Best training center for EMC SAN Training given corporate trainings to different reputed companies. In Best EMC SAN Training all sessions are teaching with examples and with real time scenarios. We provide all recordings for classes, materials, sample resumes, and other important stuff. We are helping in real time how approach job market, Resume preparation, Interview point of preparation, how to solve problem in projects in job environment, information about job market etc. EMC SAN classroom Training in Hyderabad and online from anywhere

Our courses are carefully planned and are in accordance with the highly valued certification exams. By the time of course completion, our students will become industry ready EMC SAN professionals capable to handle all the real-world challenges of this domain. Master the EMC SAN concepts and become a EMC SAN expert by enrolling in our EMC SAN Course. Best EMC SAN Online Training through worldwide like India, USA, Japan, UK, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Sweden, South Africa, and etc. LucidTechSystems providing corporate training worldwide depending on Company requirements with well experience real time experts

LucidTechSystems gives an opportunity to work on real-time projects which would be guided by our real-time trainers. A technical back end team would always be available to answer your quires at any point of time and will also assist you to arrange your training process.

Course Content
Core topics of EMC SAN Online Course
Introduction of SAN
• Introduction to SNIA
• Direct attached storage
• Networking attached storage
• Storage Area Network
• Visit Data Center to DAS, NAS & SAN

• FC layers and related components
• FCoE

Discussion on Disk and Disk technologies
• Flash, SAS and NL-SAS
• Visit to DC to see FLASH, SAS & SATA
• See hardware Components
• Intelligent storage system

Discussion on Raid Levels
• RAID 0, 1, 10, 3, 5 and 6
• Industry Best Practice of RAID levels

Architecture of VNXe and VNX
• Comparing Arch with CLARiiON & other Storages
• Visit to Data Centre to identify HBA, VNX storage, CLARiiON Storage etc

Brocade Switch management
• Switch Introduction
• Configuration uploads
• User Accounts and Password Behaviors
• Core PID & Fabric OS Commands
• Brocade Zoning, Advantages of zoning, Zoning, Trunking

Unisphere Security Features
• Describe LDAPAD security
• Configure user authentication on VNX
• Audit control events, SSL and TLS certificate and keys
• Unisphere security, VNX configuration, storage configuration
• Visit to Data Center to identify Hardware

Storage Provision and Management
• Storage provisioning
• Configuring storage pools
• Configuring storage pools
• Managing host access to storage
• Host integration basics
• Host connectivity FC and iSCSI, understanding FC & iSCSI Physical Connectivity
• Host software, install host software

Windows Integration
• Windows FC connectivity
• Practical on FC, LUN Mapping
• Windows iSCSI connectivity
• Practical on iSCSI, LUN Mapping

Linux Integration
• Linux FC connectivity
• Discuses Linux Fiber Channel Physical Connectivity
• Linux iSCSI connectivity, Practical on LUN Mapping

VMware Integration
• ESXi FC Connectivity,
• Practical on Fiber Channel LUN Mapping
• ESXi iSCSI Connectivity
• Practical on iSCSI LUN Mapping

Advanced Storage Concepts
• Meta LUN Concepts
• Usage in Real time, Scenario
• LUN migration
• Real time LUN Migration Scenario
• Fast VP
• Usage of FAST-VP
• Data Compression
• FAST cache
• How to configure FAST Cache, Usage

VNX Block Local Replication
• VNX block local replication principal
• VNX snap view snapshot configuration
• Managing and configuring snap view snapshots
• VNX snap shot configuration
• VNX snapshot operation
• Managing and configuring VNX snapshots
• Real time usage of Snapshots

VNX Snap view – Clone Configuration
• Clone operation, Clone configuration
• Real time usage of Clones
• Lab for snap view clone configuration
• Overview of DR, Overview of SAN copy
• VNX Monitoring & Reporting Tools in implementation
• Command line Navicli
• Overview of Symmetric – Architecture
• EMC Storage System integrator – Windows
• Overview Data Domain, Isilon – Big Data Networker
File Systems Configuration
• File System Components
• Introduction of NAS (Network Attach Storage)
• Overview of CIFS and NFS

LucidTechSystems strongly believes in the concept that practical knowledge along with theoretical can drive the best learning experience among the students, thereby we work towards developing the theoretical & practical skills among our students and guide them towards working on multiple real-time projects. We also help our students in preparing for interviews and resumes. We also provide soft copy and hard copy subject materials for your future references.

Upon successful completion of the course program of EMC SAN Online Training program from LucidTechSystems students can work towards availing a certification. This certification will act as a gateway for the rising career opportunities in this domain.