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Target Audience:

  • Oracle OAM Admin, Fusion Architect, Security Consultants, IT Security Administrators.

Approach to the Course:

  • Complete practical approach, right from installation to configuration and thorough OAM admin
  • All Live sessions will be recorded and will be shared (on need basis), along with pre-developed codes for current learning and for future references.
  • Topic Explanation followed by a practical demonstration.
  • Complete Suite Implementation (OAM, OID/OVD), DB, RCU, Weblogic using custom JDK, OHS, Webgate, Custom Applications (J2EE, ADF) to demonstrate SSO and BI Publisher for SSO, as well as for OAM Audit report generation.

For Hands on:

  • Practical environment Linux Based virtual Box or Vmware Image in Your Local Machine 

Objective of Course:

  • At the end of the course trainee will be able to bring any application (context applicable) under SSO Solution i.e. OAM and achieve SSO implementation, authentication, authorization, session management, cookie management, auditing, troubleshooting etc.

OAM 11gR2 – Around 25+ hours

  • Pre-requisite: Take Demo on Course Overview; understand OAM or SSO from a business point of view.
  • Installation Phase : Understand the Linux pre-requisites, install DB(create and tune), RCU, WebLogic using custom JDK, IDM Suite, IAM Suite, OHS, WebGate and additionally will discuss and understand Oracle Security Solutions Offerings( Identity Governance Suite, Access Management Suite, Directory Services Suite, DB Security, Cloud Security).

Configuration and Integration Phase:

  1. Create IDMDomain (ODSM) and create instances of OID/OVD
  2. Understand OID/OVD(start/stop, logging, troubleshooting)
  3. Extending OID Schema(Attributes, Object classes for OIM and OAM)
  4. Understanding need of OVD, Creating adapter of OID in OVD using ODSM console
  5. Create OAM Domain(Admin server, OAM server)
  6. Upgrading OPSS schema
  7. Create DB Security Store for IAM.

OAM Administrations topics :

1) Overview of Access Management Suite – OAM, OAAM, OIF, eSSO, Social & Mobile plugin

2) Create OHS Webserver instance (also understand the WebGates and supported webservers).

3) Deploy the web gate to OHS instance.

4) Modify the webserver configuration file with web gate details.

5) Register the OHS WebGate Instance with OAM 11g R2 Server (using both RREG tool and from OAM console) and verify OAM integration with Webserver(having an agent).

6) Understand WLS Embedded LDAP Directory and Default OAM User Identity (Default and System Store).

7) Configure OVD(with OID Adapter) as new default and system Identity Store for OAM i.e. OAM

Integration with Directory Server.

8) Working with Security Realm, Creating OVD Authenticator and Creating SSO Identity Asserter (Understanding the context).

9) Deploying Sample Application, configuring SSO of the application.

10) Creating Application Domain, Creating resources, Creating AuthN Policies(with LDAP Scheme and Anonymous Scheme), Creating default AuthZ Policy.

11) Creating Custom Authentication Scheme for further modification.

12) Understand how to protect and unprotect the enterprise resources.

13) Working with authorization policies – Working on all 4 conditions and rules (Allow, Deny), (with practical use cases of each condition) and demonstrating IP Range, Temporal, Identity, Asserted Attribute based AuthZ.

14) Integrating OAM with ADF or J2EE application (WebLogic deployed application).

15) Creating and working with Custom AuthN and AuthZ policies.

16) Explaining the complete technical flow of AuthN and AuthZ in OAM(how SSO work, a role of each entity).

17) Managing Authentication and Authorization Responses in Headers, Cookies and session variables.

18) Demonstrating Single Sign-On, Cookie Management, and Session Management.

19) Configuring/developing the custom SSO login page (Deploying the application on OAM/External Server), Logout Page, Error Pages. (Code will be explained and shared)

20) Understanding the requirement and creation of multiple SSO login pages.

21) Working with Weblogic Applications, working with OAM Identity Asserter.

22) Configuring/Working with misc. OAM scenarios – Multi-Browser Scenario, View Cookies During the Login and Logout Process, Constraining the Number of User Sessions, Extending the Session and Idle Timeouts(Global as well as at Application Level)

23) Explaining Authentication Level and its impact on Multi-Factor Authentication.

24) Working with x.509, the digital certificates used in SSO for Second or Multi-Factor Authentication: Concept and context, installing server certificates, extracting OAM Keystore password, installing CA root certificate in OAM Keystore, installing client certificate, protecting resource with 2nd Factor, modifying x.509 AuthN Scheme, x.509 AuthN Module and observing X.509 AuthN flow end to end.

25) Configuring and understanding OAM Auditing (Changing the auditing from File System to Audit Schema – Creating the Data Source, modifying the Audit MBean property, Audit Level etc.), logging and troubleshooting.

26) OAM audit reporting in BI Publisher – 1. OAM Report Templates 2. Report Templates in BI Publisher 3. Creating Data Sources 4. Populating reports with data from OAM Audit Schema. 5. Observing OAM Audit Reports in BI Publisher and further working on reports.

27) Working with Access Tester (How testing happens for OAM)

28) SSO of OBIEE application – OBIEE integration with OVD for AuthN/AuthZ, configure OBIEE to use OHS WebLogic directive file, configure OAM Identity Asserter in OBIEE, Create OAM WebGate Agent with predefined protected and unprotected.

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