Oracle Exadata Database Machine Administration Training

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What is Exadata?

The conventional Oracle database system is a combination of multiple distinct components – servers, managed by system admins; storage units, managed by SAN admins; network components such as switches and routers, managed by network admins; and, of course, the database itself, managed by the DBAs.

Exadata is an Engineered machine with both Hardware & Software incorporated and has all those components – servers, storage (as cell servers), InfiniBand network, ethernet network, flash disks, the whole nine yards; but packaged inside a single physical frame representing a single logical unit.

Who should attend the session?

Database Administrators. Those who have basic working knowledge as Oracle Database Administrators. Those who have undergone a course on any Oracle Database Administration course. Those who wish to explore opportunities on Exadata.

Course Topics

1: Exadata Overview

  • Objectives
  • Traditional Enterprise Database Storage Deployment
  • Exadata Storage Deployment
  • Exadata Implementation Architecture Overview
  • Introducing Exadata
  • Exadata Hardware Details (Sun Fire X4270 M2)
  • Exadata Specifications
  • InfiniBand Network
  • Classic Database I/O and SQL Processing Model
  • Exadata Smart Scan Model
  • Exadata Smart Storage Capabilities
  • Exadata Smart Scan Scale-Out Example
  • Exadata Hybrid Columnar Compression
  • Exadata Hybrid Columnar Compression Architecture Overview
  • Exadata Smart Flash Cache
  • Exadata Storage Index
  • Storage Index with Partitions Example
  • Database File System
  • I/O Resource Management
  • Benefits Multiply
  • Exadata Key Benefits for Data Warehousing
  • Exadata Key Benefits for OLTP
  • Quiz
  • Summary 

2: Exadata Architecture

  • Objectives
  • Exadata Software Architecture Overview
  • Exadata Software Architecture Details
  • Exadata Smart Flash Cache Architecture
  • Exadata Monitoring Architecture
  • Disk Storage Entities and Relationships
  • Interleaved Grid Disks
  • Flash Storage Entities and Relationships
  • Disk Group Configuration
  • Quiz
  • Summary

3: Exadata Configuration

  • Objectives
  • Exadata Installation and Configuration Overview
  • Initial Network Preparation
  • Configuration of New Exadata Servers
  • Answering Questions During the Initial Boot Sequence
  • Exadata Administrative User Accounts
  • Configuring a New Exadata Cell
  • Important I/O Metrics for Oracle Databases
  • Testing Performance Using CALIBRATE
  • Configuring the Exadata Cell Server Software
  • Creating Cell Disks
  • Creating Grid Disks
  • Creating Flash-Based Grid Disks
  • Configuring Hosts to Access Exadata Cells
  • Configuring ASM and Database Instances for Exadata
  • Configuring ASM Disk Groups for Exadata
  • Optional Configuration Tasks
  • Exadata Storage Security Overview
  • Exadata Storage Security Implementation
  • Quiz
  • Summary

4: Exadata Performance Monitoring and Maintenance

  • Objectives
  • Monitoring Overview
  • Exadata Metrics and Alerts Architecture
  • Monitoring Exadata with Metrics
  • Monitoring Exadata with Metrics: Example
  • Monitoring Exadata with Alerts
  • Displaying Alert Examples
  • Monitoring Exadata with Active Requests
  • Monitoring SQL Execution Plans
  • Smart Scan Execution Plan Example
  • Predicate Offloading Considerations
  • Monitoring Exadata from Your Database
  • Monitoring Exadata with Wait Events
  • Monitoring Exadata with Enterprise Manager
  • Additional Monitoring Tools and Utilities
  • Cell Maintenance Overview
  • Automated Cell Maintenance Operations
  • Replacing a Damaged Physical Disk
  • Replacing a Damaged Flash Card
  • Moving All Disks from One Cell to Another
  • Using the Exadata Software Rescue Procedure
  • Quiz
  • Summary

5: Exadata and I/O Resource Management

  • Objectives
  • I/O Resource Management Overview
  • I/O Resource Management Concepts
  • I/O Resource Management Plans
  • IORM Architecture
  • I/O Resource Management Plans Example
  • Enabling Infra database Resource Management
  • Infra database Plan Example
  • Enabling IORM for Multiple Databases
  • Interdatabase Plan Example
  • Category Plan Example
  • Complete Example
  • Using Database I/Os Metrics
  • Quiz
  • Summary

6: Optimizing Database Performance with Exadata

  • Objectives
  • Optimizing Performance
  • Flash Memory Usage
  • Compression Usage
  • Index Usage
  • ASM Allocation Unit Size
  • Minimum Extent Size
  • Quiz
  • Summary

7: Database Machine Overview and Architecture

  • Objectives
  • Introducing Database Machine
  • Database Machine X2-2 Full Rack
  • X2-2 Database Server Hardware Details (Sun Fire X4170 M2)
  • Start Small and Grow
  • Database Machine X2-8 Full Rack
  • X2-8 Database Server Hardware Details (Sun Fire X4800)
  • Database Machine Capacity
  • Database Machine Performance
  • Database Machine X2-2 Architecture
  • InfiniBand Network Architecture
  • X2-2 Leaf Switch Topology
  • Full Rack Spine and Leaf Topology
  • Scale Performance and Capacity
  • Scaling Out to Multiple Full Racks
  • Quiz
  • Summary

8: Database Machine Configuration

  • Objectives
  • Database Machine Implementation Overview
  • Configuration Worksheet Overview
  • Getting Started
  • Configuration Worksheet Example
  • Configuring ASM Disk Groups with Configuration Worksheet
  • Generating the Configuration Files
  • Other Pre-Installation Tasks
  • The Result After Installation and Configuration
  • Supported Additional Configuration Activities
  • Unsupported Configuration Activities
  • Quiz
  • Summary

9: Migrating Databases to Database Machine

  • Objectives
  • Migration Best Practices Overview
  • Performing Capacity Planning
  • Database Machine Migration Considerations
  • Choosing the Right Migration Path
  • Logical Migration Approaches
  • Physical Migration Approaches
  • Other Approaches
  • Post-Migration Best Practices
  • Quiz
  • Summary

10: Bulk Data Loading with Database Machine

  • Objectives
  • Bulk Data Loading Overview
  • Preparing the Data Files
  • Staging the Data Files
  • Configuring the Staging Area
  • Configuring the Staging Area
  • Configuring the Target Database
  • Loading the Target Database
  • Quiz
  • Summary

11: Backup and Recovery with Database Machine

  • Objectives
  • Backup and Recovery Overview
  • Using RMAN with Database Machine
  • General Recommendations for RMAN
  • Disk-Based Backup Strategy
  • Disk-Based Backup Configuration
  • Tape-Based Backup Strategy
  • Tape-Based Backup Configuration
  • Hybrid Backup Strategy
  • Restore and Recovery Recommendations
  • Backup and Recovery of Database Machine Software
  • Quiz
  • Summary

12: Monitoring and Maintaining Database Machine

  • Objectives
  • Monitoring Tools Overview
  • ILOM Overview
  • ILOM Example
  • DCLI Overview
  • DCLI Examples
  • InfiniBand Diagnostic Utilities
  • Database Machine Support Overview
  • Patching and Updating Overview
  • Maintaining Exadata Software
  • Maintaining Database Server Software
  • Maintaining Other Software

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