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“LucidTechSystems” IT is premier a technology and software training institute in Hyderabad and we are best trusted by experts for providing quality training with the best infrastructure and expert faculty. LucidTechSystems proudly offers a list of trending technologies and software application courses in which students can get trained by some of the finest faculty across the nation who are considered as well reputed industry experts. Aspirants who are aiming at securing a career in the ingenious RPA technology can now get enrolled for our advanced & real-time industry based RPA Training In Hyderabad & as well as

RPA Online Training.
LucidTechSystems Best RPA Online Training & RPA Corporate Training program will make the aspirants become complete industry ready professionals capable to handle all the real-time challenges in this profession. We are well known for delivering online and classroom based training in multiple disciplinary courses.

RPA Training in Hyderabad by LucidTechSystems is a prominent career program which is delivered from the hands of real-time domain experts. We provide RPA Corporate Training & LucidTechSystems Online Courses. We surely help the aspirants towards boosting their career graph in this ingenious technology.

Who Can Learn RPA?

Best RPA Training In Hyderabad by the “LucidTechSystems” is specially meant for aspirants who are very much keen at making a career in the disruptive & progressive RPA technology. This course is also meant for
• Technology Professionals
• Software Specialists
• Market Professionals
• Job Aspirants
• Career Enthusiasts

Best RPA Online Training through Online across India, like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Chennai, Vijayawada, Kerala and etc. LucidTechSystems providing corporate training worldwide depending on Company requirements with well experience real time experts

Course Objectives of RPA Include

Introduction to Automation Anywhere
• Automation Anywhere Dashboard
• Integrate Features
• Database Automation
• MetaBot
• Commands Categories
• Task Editor
• Process Studio
• Process Flow
• Inputs and outputs
• Business Objects
• Object Studio
• Error Management

Benefits To You

LucidTechSystems is a Best training center for RPA Training given corporate trainings to different reputed companies. In Best RPA Training all sessions are teaching with examples and with real time scenarios. We provide all recordings for classes, materials, sample resumes, and other important stuff. We are helping in real time how approach job market, Resume preparation, Interview point of preparation, how to solve problem in projects in job environment, information about job market etc. RPA classroom Training in Hyderabad and online from anywhere

Our courses are carefully planned and are in accordance with the highly valued certification exams. By the time of course completion, our students will become industry ready RPA professionals capable to handle all the real-world challenges of this domain. Master the RPA concepts and become a RPA expert by enrolling in our RPA Course. Best RPA Online Training through worldwide like India, USA, Japan, UK, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Sweden, South Africa, and etc. LucidTechSystems providing corporate training worldwide depending on Company requirements with well experience real time experts

LucidTechSystems gives an opportunity to work on real-time projects which would be guided by our real-time trainers. A technical back end team would always be available to answer your quires at any point of time and will also assist you to arrange your training process.

Course Content

Core topics of RPA Online Course
• Introduction to UI Automation
• Desktop Automation
• Web Automation
• Software Automation
• Process Automation
• Passing Data Inside a Workflow
• Branching a Workflow
• Debug Workflow
• Various RPA Solutions
• Cost Efficiencies of ROI

RPA Tools
• Automation Anywhere
• Blue Prism
• Uipath
• Softomotive
• Openspan
• Actimize
• Kapow
• Kofax Capture
• Kofax
• Kryon Systems
• Redwood
• Rpa
• Rpa Business Analyst
• Rpa Developer
• Rpa Infrastructure
• Sitecore
• Thoughtonomy
• Workfusion
• WinAutomation Training
• Winshuttle Training

Automation Anywhere Training

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Automation Anywhere
• Introduction to Product Architecture
• Task Bots
• IQ Bots
• Meta Bots
• Web Control Room
• Different Sections in Automation Anywhere
• Server Management & Client Customization
• AA Client features
• Types of Recorders

Automation Anywhere Dashboard
• Task Bots
• Creating a Task
• Recording a Task

Integrate Features
• Email Automation
• Handling Exceptions
• Files and Folders
• String Operation

Database Automation
• If/Else conditions
• Logging
• Log viewer
• Automated Marketing Campaign
• Create Automated Marketing Campaign
• Maintain Automated Marketing Campaign

• Creation of MetaBot
• Designer in MetaBot
• Usage of MetaBot
• Recording MetaBot
• Importing MetaBot
• Exporting MetaBot
• MetaBot Screens

Task Editor
• Integrate PDF
• Datanse
• Commands in PGP

Commands Categories
• Mouse
• Files
• Web Service
• Tasks
• Operations
• Integration

Practice Test & Interview Questions

Creating my First BOT
• Screen Recorder
• Web Recorder
• Smart Recorder
• Variables
• Properties, Schedule & Trigger
• Automation anywhere project

Blue Prism Online Training

Course Curriculum

Blue Prism’s Robotic Automation

Process Studio
• Running a Process
• Basic Skills
• Process Validation
• Decision Stage
• Calculation Stage
• Data Items

Process Flow
• Decisions
• Circular Paths
• Controlling Play
• Set Next Stage
• Breakpoints
• Collections and Loops
• Layers of Logic
• Pages for Organization

Inputs and outputs
• Input Parameters
• Stepping and Pages
• Data Item Visibility
• Data Types
• Output Parameters
• Start-up Parameters
• Control Room
• Process Outputs
• Business Objects
• Object Studio

Business Objects
• Action Stage
• Inputs and Outputs
• The Process Layer

Object Studio
• Creating a Business Object
• Application Modeler
• Spying Elements
• Attributes
• Attribute Selection
• Launch
• Wait
• Timeouts
• Terminate
• Write
• Press
• Attach and Detach
• Read
• Actions
• Action Inputs and Outputs
• Data Items as Inputs

Error Management
• Exception Handling
• Recover and Resume
• Throwing Exceptions
• Preserving the Current Exception
• Exception Bubbling
• Exception Blocks
• Exception Handling in Practice

Case Management
• Queue ItemsCommercial in Confidence
• Work Queue Configuration
• Defer
• Attempts
• Pause and Resume
• Filters
• Reports

Additional Features
• Safe Stop
• Collection Actions
• Choice Stage
• Logging
• Log Viewer
• System Manager
• Process/Business Object Grouping
• Process and Object References
• Export and Import
• Release Manager – Packages and Releases

Consolidation Exercise
• Order System Process
• Consolidation Exercise Checklist
• Submitting Your Completed Solution

Advanced Features
• Undefined Collections
• Data Item Initialization
• Data Item Exposure
• Casting
• Code Stage
• Run Mode
• Initialize and Cleanup
• Attribute Match Types
• Dynamic Attributes
• Active Accessibility
• Application Manager Mode
• Global Clicks and Keys
• Credentials
• Environment Locking
• Command Line
• Resource PC

Further Application Types
• Mainframe Applications
• Java Applications
• Match Index and Match Reverse
• Surface Automation

Uipath Online Training

Course Curriculum

UiPath Introduction Concepts
• Learning Objectives: This UiPath Advanced Training makes an emphasis on the concept of Design Robots that manipulate software.
• Topics Include: Introduction, The User Interface, Keyboard Shortcuts, Updating UI Path Studio, Connecting your Project to a Source Control, Enabling Tracing, Creating a Basic Workflow, Introduction to Debugging a Workflow, Managing Packages, UiPath Project Organization.
• Practicals Covered: Trainees here learn to automate rule based businesses and IT Processes.

UI Automation
• Learning Objectives: This UiPath Studio tutorial provides emphasis on most accurate and rich GUI Automation software.
• Topics Include: Recording, UI Elements
• Practicals Covered: Prospects learn to handle even the smallest application without any slightest disturbances.

UI Elements
• Learning Objectives: This UiPath tutorial refers to graphical user interface phases that develop an application.
• Topics Include : About UI Elements, UI Activities Properties, Input Methods, Example of Using Input Methods, Output or Screen Scraping Methods, Examples of Using Output or Screen Scraping Methods
• Practicals Covered: Trainees here learn to interact with UI elements that enable to UI Automation faster and simpler.

Selectors And Screen Scraping
• Learning Objectives: This UiPath web scraping tutorial talks about activities performed by Screen Scraping.
• Topics Include: Selectors, UiPath Screen Scraping
• Practicals Covered: Learners practically rely on screen positions of UI elements.

• Learning Objectives: This UiPath Academy Training puts emphasis on nature of arguments in relation with the activities.
• Topics Include: Managing Arguments, Naming Best Practices, The Arguments Panel, Using Arguments
• Practicals Covered: Practically, trainees learn to pass the data by employing arguments from one project to another.

Image Automation
• Learning Objectives: This chapter enables image and text-based process automation.
• Topics Include: Image and Test based Automation, Advanced Citrix automation
• Practicals Covered: Prospects learn to simulate the UiPath Studio feature activities.

Data Manipulation
• Learning Objectives: The unit discusses about several variable types that can work within UiPath Studio.
• Topics Include: Data Table, Excel
• Practicals Covered: Students here focus on extracting data and orchestrating the technology.

Mail, PDF, User Events
• Learning Objectives: This unit describes about email interactions within automation process of UiPath Studio.
• Topics Include: Mail, PDF, User Events, UiPath Academy Register
• Practicals Covered: Trainees learn to set up servers, users, and other details within UiPath.

SAP Automation
• Learning Objectives: This UiPath course lays emphasis on way to design and automate SAP with UiPath.
• Topics Include: How To Automate SAP Applications
• Practicals Covered: Users practically learn to automate rule-based processes and manipulate software applications.

Mainframe and Terminals Automation
• Learning Objectives: The unit is all about automating data extraction and task execution.
• Topics Include: How to Automate Mainframe and Terminals
• Practicals Covered: Learners practically lay hands-on setting up a terminal session.

Putting It All Together
• Learning Objectives: This chapter talks about a strategy to unveil a complicated UI Automation.
• Topics Include: Project Organization, Exceptions and UiPath Debugging
• Practicals Covered: Students practically put workflows together to create a new workflow automation.
• UiPath Project

Softomotive Online Training
• Softomotive RPA Training enriches the concepts of Advanced Security & Control, Load Balancing, Multithreading, Advanced Synchronization, Process Lifecycle Management, Workload Queues, Detailed Auditing, Code-free Process Designer, Control Desk, Insights Dashboard, Custom KPIs, ProcessRobot Seamlessly Integration, Link Performance, Advanced Synchronization etc. The course offers the real time experience on Process Robot Automation Suite, Process Studio, Control Desk, Customizable dashboard with instant access to performance analytics, ROI Calculator etc. Learn & Get Certified.

Course Curriculum
About Softomotive & Release History
Process Robot Introduction
Software & Hardware Requirements
Installation Guide

Softomotive Components (Control Desk,Process Studio)

Overview of BOTs (side & solo bot)

Process Studio
• Process Studio Introduction
• Process Studio Console
• Create a new folder & process
• Import/Export a Process
• Notification popup window

Process Designer
• The Action Pane
• Workspace
• Variables Pane
• The Control Repository Pane
• Manage Actions
• Process Designer options & Custom Layout
• Process Designer

UI Automation
• UI Automation Overview
• UI Elements – Select Controls
• Manage Control Repository
• Manage UI Selectors
• Building UI Selectors
• UI Data Extraction

Web Automation
• Overview
• Building a WebAutomation Robot
• The Web Recorder
• Web Data Extraction
• Configure Internet Explorer for Web Automation

User Libraries
• Why use User Libraries?
• Accessing User Library Designer
• Structure of User Library Designer
• User Actions & Functions
• Sharing User Libraries
• Editing User Libraries
• Permission and User Libraries
• Examples

Advanced Topics
• Variables
• Loops
• Version Control
• Connecting to a Database
• Conditionals
• CSS Selectors
• Exception Handling
• Image Recognition

Action Reference
• System & Conditionals
• Loops
• Wait
• Flow Control
• Mouse & Keyboard
• Message Boxes
• Files & Folders
• Email
• Cmd Session
• Excel
• PDF Actions
• Process Robot Actions
• Text Actions
• DateTime Actions
• XML Actions
• Variable Actions

Side Bot & Solo Bot

Terminal Emulator
• How to connect Mainframe system
• Development in Mainframe system

RestApi Connectivity

Practical Example of Use Cases
• Data Entry Screens
• Work with Excel
• Work with AS 400 & BlueZone terminal Emulator
• Web Data Recorder

OpenSpan Training

OpenSpan Training helps the students to integrate various applications at the desktop through their user-interface. It enables to deliver user process improvement solutions for customers in virtually in any of the Industry anywhere in the world. This course also includes Developing Open Span Solutions and Projects, Defining Web Adapter Properties, Events, and Methods, Building Project Files, Working with Web Adapter Match Rules. You will also learn Interrogating a Web Application, Using Studio’s Diagnostics Publishers, Working with Activities and Active MDI Windows, Recommended Practices in Solution Development, Handling Errors and etc.

Introduction to RPA & Pega Robotics(Formerly OpenSpan) & Features

Creation of OpenSpan
• Creation of OpenSpan Solutions
• Creation of OpenSpan projects
• About OpenSpan IDE & Components

Windows Integration
• Working with the Windows Adapter
• Defining Windows Application Properties
• Interrogation Modes
• Match Rules
• Events
• Methods
• Screenshot
• Develop with OpenSpan Automation
• Working with MDI Child Windows
• Usage of SendKeys

Web Integration
• Working with the Web Adapter
• Defining Web Application Properties
• Interrogation Modes
• Match Rules
• Events
• Methods
• Properties
• Develop OpenSpan Automation

• Automation Locals, Add Watch,
• Breakpoints, Step Into, Step Over etc.

Deploying OpenSpan Solutions

Variables, Global Container
• Advanced

Comparisons & Expressions, loops, StringUtils etc
DateTimeUtils ,Usage of Script Component
Connectors, Data Components
LogComponents, Exception Handling
Runtime Components
Interaction Framework, Credential Manager
Testing Automations
Scheduling the Bots

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Upon successful completion of the course program of RPA Online Training program from LucidTechSystems students can work towards availing a certification. This certification will act as a gateway for the rising career opportunities in this domain.