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  • Overview of SAP ERP and SAP CRM
  • Introduction to SAP CRM
  • Overview of CRM 2007 Architecture
  • Channel of CRM
  • CRM Application
  • Role in my SAP CRM

SAP CRM Web User Interface (WEB UI)

  • Architecture of WEB UI
  • UI Concept & UI Component Concept
  • Navigation Bar & Business Roles
  • UI Configuration
  • Personalization
  • Additional Features in Web UI
  • Page 1

(CR100)– Base Customization/Master Data (SAP CRM7.0 & SAP ECC 6.0)

  • CRM Business Partner (BP)

Creation of BP on Category

Basic setting on Field grouping & No ranges

BP Relationships

BP Roles

Mapping BP Classification & Account Group from R3 CRM

  • Organizational Management

Fundamentals of SAP CRM Org Structure

Organizational Data determination

Mapping Org Model & Enterprise Structure from R3 CRM

  • Territory Management

Hierarchy Levels, Hierarchy ID

Assign employee to Hierarchy

  • Product Master

CRM Product Types

Creation of Hierarchies & Categories

Creation of Attributes & Set Types

Mapping Product Master & Material Master from R3 CRM

  • Transaction Processing

Transaction Processing for Enquiry, Quotation & Order

Customization of Transaction Types

Assignment of Item Category Determination

Mapping Transaction Types & Sales doc Processing from R3 CRM

  • Activity Management

Business Activity / Task

Activity Monitor

  • Partner Processing

Partner determination Procedure

  • Action Profile
  • Pricing Fundamental (SAP CRM)

Configuration setting for Pricing Procedure

Pricing fundamentals (ECC 6.0)

Condition technique and pricing procedure determination (ECC 6.0)

  • CRM Billing

CRM Billing Fundamental (ECC 6.0)


  • The Sales cycle
  • Opportunity Management
  • Copying control
  • Process in Quotation and Order Management
  • Quotation Management
  • Order Management
  • Special Functions in Quotation and Order Management
  • Visit Planning
  • Contract Management
  • Status Management
  • Transactions processing
  • Partner processing
  • SAP CRMMapping Sales Transaction between SAP ERP


  • Overview on SAP CRM Sales
  • Marketing planning & Campaign management
  • Marketing Calendar
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Segmentation of business partners
  • Segment builder tool
  • Personalized mail forms
  • External list management
  • Product Proposal
  • Lead Management


  • Overview of CRM Service
  • Installed Base Management and Individual Objects
  • Service Agreements and Service Contracts
  • Service Plans
  • Service Order Management
  • Product Service Letters
  • Complaints and Returns Management
  • Warranty Claim Services
  • Case Management
  • CRMMapping Transaction from R3


  • CRM Middleware Overview
  • Concepts of Middleware
  • Administration Console
  • Adapter Objects
  • Initial Load, Delta Load
  • BDocs and types of BDocs
  • BDoc Modeler
  • Data exchange between R/3 backend
  • Monitoring and Error handling

WORKSHOP (Project Orientation Training)

  • Overview of Solution Manager
  • ASAP Methodology
  • Project Orientation – Business Blue Print
  • Resume Preparation

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