Weekend Training


Training programs are conducted on weekends for longer hours on latest technological advances / practices / approaches. This is more suitable for working professionals who may not be able to participate during weekdays, because of professional commitments.

Technology evolves & advances over time with better practices, newer techniques & innovation. Keeping abreast with technological advances requires one to be a constant learner. LucidTechSystems presents training program in a format that will enable working professionals to participate in such learning programs & enhance their career prospects.

Training programs are conducted on Saturdays & Sundays, usually 10am to 5pm, on focused technology / approaches / techniques by specialists in that area to present hands-on practically useful information to the participants.

Our Features

On Demand Use – Helps organisations avoid capacity planning challenges whilst simultaneously letting you pay for capacity that is actually in use (no more purchase of excessive capacity)

Technological Fidelity – Accommodates all the features you wish to have without physical constraints – including high-end networking configuration

Saves Time – No need to spend precious time on setting up the same environment repeatedly, when a new class gets scheduled. Fast and effective, easy to use environment

Ease of Access – Anytime, anywhere access, from any part of the world without any geographical constraints

Diverse Set of Modules – Includes Domain Programs, Technical Programs and Behavioral Programs